Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Elder Mackelprang finally emailed us! He said he has been so busy and they don't give him a lot of time to email people. This email is short but at least we finally heard from him! I believe he sent us an actually letter so once that gets here I will let you all know :D Here's the email that he sent me:

Hey sis! Only have so much time to email so I'll try and get a lot in. I'm doing so great here! The Lord is molding me into something amazing! Oh man he is reshaping my spiritual structure. I'm learning so much! I'm gaining the ability to serve with pure love and I have never felt closer to God. Role plays are getting fun haha we learn so much from them! Our P day is tuesday so I'll be able to email next week again before I head out to WV. I miss you guys and Brody!
God is great! i'm being humbled... a lot haha
Elder Mackdaddy
 Study Time!
 He hasn't told us who these other Elders are but I am sure he is having a blast with them.
 Love the faces Elders! :D

And that is all folks! I am so excited for this kid and I know he will do great things in West Virginia. Even though we miss him like crazy, he is where he is suppose to be. Can't wait to hear from him again! If you ever want me to say anything to him, comment below and I will make sure he gets it!


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