Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Left the MTC today!

Elder Mackelprang has left the building! ;D
His flight to West Virginia was early this morning. I'm not sure how long the flight is but he is probably there now and I am sure he is LOVING it already! He emailed me yesterday telling me he was going to call when he stopped in Detroit. We were all so excited to hear from him however, he told us he was going to call around 9 AM and he ended up calling around 4 AM!! Therefore...we missed his call. ;( He did leave a message though. He said he was so tired because he didn't go to sleep til late and had to wake up super early to head to the airport. He also, of course, said he was hungry haha (the kid is a garbage disposal!). He sounded really excited to finally be able to go to West Virginia and he said he was about to place his first Book of Mormon. He ended by saying, "I'll talk to you on Christmas!"

Christmas is SO far away! From now til then I know he will do AMAZING things in WV. He is such an awesome kid!

So...remember when I said we should be receiving our first "written" letter from him soon. Well we FINALLY got it! I feel the need to embarrass my brother a little bit. The reason why it took forever is because of this...

As you can see...my poor brother doesn't know how to fill out an envelope haha! I guess our generation focuses to much on technology! I know he probably knows how but I just thought this was so funny. So it took forever to get to us because the post office had to "return to sender." The funny thing is is that the return address is actually our address! So we got it anyways! HaHa Elder Mackelprang is so silly! :D

Here is the letter

Dear Ohana,
     AMERICA!!! I made it! I arrived at the MTC at 9:30 PM. The saying "better late than never" really is true because right when I entered I was instantly relieved and excited. (I will tell you later on in this post why he was so late.) No worries, I didn't miss much. The MTC experience is great so far! I've already learned so much! Of all the things we've learned in our classes/study time/devotionals, the thing that has had the biggest affect on me has been focusing on others. I came in focused on myself trying to do things that will help myself but it wasn't so fun. Once we were taught to focus on others I applied it and I am being molded by the spirit already. I learn incredibly faster when focusing on Max (our role play investigator.) The spirit here is fantastic! and the chocolate milk is top notch! (if you know my brother he LOVES his chocolate milk!) So I have my first companion and his name is Elder Ortiz. He has Azburger disease. Don't judge me on my spelling of that haha. At first it was very hard because Azburgers disease is I believe a form of Autism. It is hard to socialize with him but I can usually talk easily to anyone so we are doing okay. I've already noticed that when we are on spiritual topics and teaching/studying with eachother we get along great! Other than that we don't have much in common. He loves video games and I love long boarding and sports. Butt...during the work of the Lord I know we can work together and help each other prepare for the mission field.
     Happy 4th of July! So stoked! We get to watch the fireworks tonight. Here there isn't much time to think about home but I do miss you guys and everyone else back in Sin City. People keep asking me about the strip and when I tell them I've been there a few times their eyes get all bug like and look at me all confused. It's entertaining.
     So much to do and learn here. Role playing is terrible! Ha but it is helping me a ton. I'm becoming more comfortable and confident in teaching. My zone is the best. It consists of about 24 elders/sisters. Still have the green jitters but I love this place! Hope all is well back home. Oh and being set apart as a full time missionary was one of the best moments in my life, and now I am wearing the name tag!
     Thinking about you all right now. Off to a devotional soon. God is great. Pray that I will be able to retain all of this stuff! It's a bunch of work. Love you.
                                 -Elder Mackelprang
Just remembered I was baptized this day, July 4th, in the pond at Johnson's Ranch. It's a good day!

It's so great to hear from our missionary! 
Let me explain the reasoning as to why he was so late to the MTC.
His flight was originally at 10:45 AM. We made it there on time but I guess our goodbyes took a little longer than we thought. He ended up missing his flight! After we said our goodbyes we walked back to the car and drove to the little parking lot off of Sunset so Brody could see the airplanes. When we were about to head home Levi called and told us he missed his flight. We went home and he tried to stand in the standby line for the 1:30PM flight but wasn't able to make that flight either! So he called my parents and they went back to sit with him until the 5:00PM flight! He was SOOO late! It was definitely "Mackelprang Standard  Time!" 

I am still working on the pictures but I will upload them as soon as I can. We are proud of our missionary and we can't wait to hear about his time in West Virginia!

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