Friday, July 26, 2013

Martin, Kentucky!?

Elder Mackelprang is in Martin, Kentucky! Even though he is in the Charleston, West Virginia Mission he will also be serving in part of Ohio and Kentucky! Here is a letter from our missionary :D

Dear Errrbody,
     I made if to West Virginia without missing a flight! I know why they call this place "Almost Heaven", because this place is flippin beautiful. Green hills everywhere! At the mission home in Charleston, getting ready to go to the chapel for transfers. Find out where I am serving and who my trainer is, and then leaving to that area. Yesterday we did a bunch of role plays...It was actually fun haha but later on I got to do the real stuff. President Pitt asked, "Who wants to go tracting?" and with my ninja-cat-like reflexes I was chosen with my best friend here, Elder Espinosa. We knocked doors up and down one street. Talked to about 8 people. Almost everyone is super nice I've been told but I guess this rich area wasn't very nice. One guy came out shirtless with his beagle. At first the dog was playful but then it started attacking me! It bit my ankle about 12 times! haha and the owner just watched while rejecting our message. Three houses down we met a snake charmer who said a few words and then just walked away. A different house down the street was a Buddhist guy from Thailand haha I didn't understand 1/3 of the things he said. Kind of a crazy first experience but we actually had some success. This lady who was busy with her sons B-Day party was really nice and open to what we had to say. Got a second appointment for the other missionaries. We placed a B of M too. Met this guy named Christ while he was cleaning "squeekers" (his hamster) cage. Found out his girlfriend is a member but hasn't been to church for many years. So we talked to him, which was easy because it was an instant connection. We gave him a B of M and challenged him to read and pray about it. Also Chris' son was out long boarding. Ahh these streets are heaven for a long-boarder! Tell Kevin to come bomb some hills in West Virginia. That was the end of our door approaches but later on t dinner (Taco Bell) there was a man sitting in his big rig truck. I went over to him and started talking to him since we had a few minutes. He didn't know anything about God so I talked to him about the Plan of Salvation. He seemed very interested. I had to go but I shared my testimony with him and left him my spare B of M with a few pamphlets. Oh and his name is Terry. Thought that was funny because he was this big greasy trucker with a girly name. Change is nerve wrecking but I am excited to start working. Pres Pitt is an amazing man! He gave us all interviews to see where we should serve and with whom I will serve. Praying for everyone back home. Hope everyone is doing great. Tell Dad and Kaylee to write me. It would be nice to hear from Jamie and Snake (Jacob) also. Give Abigail a hug for me, tell Kaylee to do the dishes (this is an inside joke in our family lol) give Brody knuckles, and pray for me. Actually pray for the people of WV that their hearts will be opened to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love you all,
Elder Mackelprang

Just got to my first area. Martin, Kentucky! It's gorgeous. Off to work. Love you!

 I love hearing from this kid. I can already tell that he is growing in so many ways. Not sure if the above pictures are from Kentucky or West Virginia but I think we can all agree on how beautiful it is there. So much green! He says it is very hot and humid there but I'm sure it feels better than Vegas!
Here is his new address until his next transfer:

Elder Mackelprang
9782 RT 1428
Martin, KY 41649


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