Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 15, 2013

Sorry for the late update! WARNING: This will probably be a long post!
So...Elder Mackelprang is doing great! The only thing he needs is for people to WRITE HIM! His companion gets four letters a week and Elder Mack only gets a couple. Emails are great but hand writing Elder Mackelprang is even better! Please write our Elder. They say that the first 6 months are the hardest so lets make it a little easier for him :D

Here are a few emails Elder Mackelprang has sent me. Hope you like them! If it sounds sort of choppy it's because my emails were in between some of them.

July 30, 2013:
within the next 6 months-1 year we should have ipads hahaha booya! Tell Brody to grow and and pee like a big boy already! haha love the pics you sent. got your letter yesterday. thanks for the quotes :) "God is the same yesterday, today, and forever" Love you sis. Teaching my first full family on friday and I'm excited! I'll tell you about it in my letter that I'll send. Stay strong and turn to God in times of need. i do everyday and i know that He is always there for us. He loves us. Tell kaylee and mom and dad that I'll be sending a letter to them each soon. It takes about 3 days to get to vegas so ya be patient. My comp gets mail 4 out of 7 dayds a week.... his mom is a millionaire haha but I really appreciate the letters i get from you and Abigail.... hahaha but really they help me a lot. I pray for all you constatnly and hope that each day you all grow closer to our saviour Jesus Christ. Oh and hey, I bought a rice cooker for $20!!!! hahahaha Woot Woot!

oh my comp is elder stout. he's form Las Vegas!!! hahahaha He moved to Utah 9th grade but he was actually in central stake bonanza view ward. it's awesome. pres jarvis was his bishop back in the day, and he was my stake pres. his name is bradley stout. We are both learning together how to efficiently do missionary work. It's great. and we have a goal to be strictly obedient so we are both working hard, and it's fun at the same time. Missionary work is hard but it's the best and if we do it right, it's a blast!
 August 5, 2013:
So houses (trailers) here are usually really run down and it's pretty sad. but the two pics of steps to nothing are usual. Last week was great... great in a way that i learned a lot. It was flippin hard. Only had 3 solid lessons the whole week. No one would listen to us and we dropped a lot of investigators who aren't keeping commitments. Working hard to progress the few who are sincere enough to make it to baptism. Pray for David Watson that he will make it to his baptism date on Aug 31, for Jerry Ratliff that he will stop chewing tobacco the size of a baseball, Jessica that she will come to know for herself that this gospel is true. 

Drugs here is a crazy problem. Poverty is everywhere and so many people get there checks from the government at the start of the month. So they buy their drugs.. by the end of the month they are all struggling or out of money so they get desperate. Some people are super sketchy. haha we took out a member with us who was smoking dope a few days before when we came over. trying to reacctivate him and help him out. He has a great spirit and heart, he just doesnt do the best things. God loves us all no matter what we are doing. He loves the drug attict just as much as he loves me. It's just even tho God is full of love and mercy, there are consequences to every action and we are judged of our works. No matter who it is we try to share the message of Christ and the restoration to them because all of us need it. I encourage you to invite the missionaries over and let them teach your fam a lesson. It's great for them and super great to you all. It'll raise your spirituality and bring better peace into your home.

Squirrel season starts aug 18th. should be having that vrey soon haha already have a guy who said he would make us a squirrel stew. i've had cole slaw and it's actually good here. back home its like slime. Food here seems to be way better. fruit is juicier. vegetables are fresher. I miss spam musubi. I need the wooden mold to make some. I actually miss dads shakes haha don't tell him that tho :P We were doing service at a park yesterday, I have 4 blisters on my hands from swinging the pick axe for 3 hours... but a guy in our ward killed a copperhead snake. if it wasn't venomous he would've cooked it up for us.

Getting off. I'll send a letter this week. Love ya, have a great day! Give Everyone a hug for me, Abigail too :) Oh and tell Brody he has stinky toes haha miss him so much! I've been playing with peoples kids a lot and it makes me think of him.
adios hermana 
I should be receiving a letter soon so I will update as soon as I do. Here are a TON of pictures that he sent. I LOVE them so I know you will too! :D

Trash was torn up by a dang raccoon.


There are Confederate flags everywhere!

We met Mater!

Armpits :D

Isn't this view GORGEOUS!

He spent all his money at an Amish Market.
I think this is some of his purchases.
Apple butter, bananas, honey, etc.
He said it was the best honey, apple butter, etc... he ever tasted!

My brother doesn't bake (even NO bake cookies!) so this must have been Elder Stout's doing haha

During the first week back to school McDowell Elementary School was flooded and kids were sent home. They helped out the community by cleaning the place up. He said he was even on TV too!

He finds a lot of these. 

Stairs to a wall??

Get it? Find the sign...


This is how tall his trailer is.

I see what you did there :D

I literally could not stop laughing when I saw this!
This totally sums up my brothers personality.
He's a GOOF!

The snake a member caught. He was going to cook it up and feed it to them but it was venomous!

Cleaning up the school.

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures as much as I did. I asked Elder Mackelprang if his companion thought he was weird for taking all of these pictures with the signs and he said at first he did but now he is doing them too and sending them to his family.

My brother is seriously the best! He makes me laugh and I am so proud of him! I miss this kid everyday but I know he is doing the right thing and he will be blessed for it!

He really would love to hear from you! His address is to the right or you can find it on his Facebook in the "About Me" section.

Thank You!

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