Thursday, September 5, 2013

August 4, 2013

Here is the email Elder Mackelprang sent yesterday.

So the first week of my 2nd transfer has passed. I can't believe I have been our for 2 months already! My favorite thing out here is learning and growing constantly. I'll talk about that farther into this letter. I'M GAINING WEIGHT!!! hahaha I've gained 6 lbs, and my butt can now be called "normal Stanley" instead of "flat Stanley" as Abigail calls it.. She's weird ;P I'm filling in and trying to work out everyday so hopefully I will stay in shape. We're going running tomorrow morning because we don't want to be the typical missionaries who gain 50 lbs on their mission!
This week has been sweet! The Lord is the head of this hastening of salvation. He works miracles constantly to push forth His kingdom. We went out yesterday with the traveling assistant (missionary who goes around the mission working with missionaries area to area... sort of like Pres. Pitt's spy haha but they help every missionary out a lot) to teach a family and there were 3 other random people there. We started hanging out and having a good time and somehow, very smoothfully, we started teaching different people completely different lessons. The traveling assistant was teaching a friend of the family, Elder Stout was teaching the Less Active members wife, and i was teaching the lass active and nonmember friend. We all taught solid spiritual lessons and it was an awesome experience teaching by myself and being able to explain and answer all of their questions. We have two new investigators now and will keep teaching the part-member family. There is a couple who we are teaching that is having a kid. Taught the Law of Chastity for the first time. I was on an exchange with Elder Staveley for the day and he came out the same time as me. We both had never taught it before so it was a little nerve wrecking going into it. It was one of the coolest lessons I've taught! We taught the Law of Chastity, eternal marriage, and eternal families. They are planning on getting married in the next couple months so they can get baptized :) I love this gospel and know for a surety that families can be together forever. Marriage isn't until death parts you, It's for eternity! I know that if they keep it up and follow Christ, that their family can be happy for eternity. I don't have enough time to write about one of our investigators that is going through the biggest conversion I've ever seen. It's amazing and I want to jump up and cry tears of joy every time she does better. I'll write you about it soon:) God is our loving heavenly Father. I am coming to understand Him and how He feels about us. He rejoices when we do what He commands of us. He rejoices when we follow Christ and help others do the same. He rejoices when we forgive others and ourselves. I understand this so much now because I rejoice when I help someone follow God and Christ. I rejoice when my investigators/less actives repent. I rejoice with pure love when I see someone who receives blessings and is simply a lot happier! God really does love each and every one of His children personally!
It was the end of the month and we were low on miles so we walked about 30 miles! strengthening your faith doesn't require physical exertion... but physical exertion is required sometimes to do the work. It's rewarding though, no matter how many blisters I'll get. We will be walking a lot more this month since Elder Stout is district leader and we will be driving to other areas to do exchanges a lot (switching companions and working in different areas- it is great because we learn a lot from other missionaries). I'll be going to Ashland on an exchange this Friday! I'm excited :D it's my first exchange that I'm the one going to a different area. I've only done them where a different missionary comes to martin from like Prestonsberg or Hazzard, and I stay and lead the day while we teach in Martin.
I knew a package was coming, but geez!! That was the biggest package ever!!! hahaha I had a dream that I was tracting down a street and i found a box with my name on it. I woke up, and a few hours later we went out and there was a package for me. I'm going to gain even more weight now since it's all goodies and deliciousness! And I got the Musubi maker and meat slicer yesterday XD Ya'll are the best :D Thank you everyone for the letters. They are literally worth more than gold to me while I'm out here! I'll write back as soon as possible. I love you all!
-Elder M.

He didn't send me any pictures this time but I got these ones from Elder Stout's (his companion) mom. Enjoy!

I believe this is his district. Looks like a great bunch of missionaries!
Teaching a lesson.
I still don't know the story behind the overalls but they sure are rockin it!
Elder Stout came up with this shirt design and his mom made T-shirts for their district. I love it! So fun!
The biggest church sign I have ever seen!
Riding with the sisters.
Elder Mackelprang's face is a little creepy...haha

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