Monday, September 16, 2013

"Here, smell my armpit!"

 Oh man do I have a great letter for you guys today!
Elder Mackelprang is doing great and we can really tell how much he has changed in this short amount of time. Can you imagine how much more he will change over the next 22 months!
I can't believe he still has that many months to go...They say the first 6 months are the hardest right?
;( is the email he sent to me today. I am so glad he is such a good writer!
Dear Kin and folks,
Well Da' Gone! Another great week I've had here in Kentucky!
I received a package from Abigail which contained what she was able to record from the blessing President Jarvis gave me when he set me apart. I couldn't remember any of it! Charity isn't something we gain and increase by working for it, It's a gift of the spirit. We need to pray for it if we want to have more of it. I've been praying lately with my comp for more charity and love towards all. Since I've been out here I've had  so much love for the people and have been trying to have more charity by praying for it everyday. To my surprise, the blessing Pres. Jarvis gave me talked about Charity and Love at least 4 times! I know 100% that I won't be able to be a successful instrument in the Lord's hands unless i have charity and love. I had a tick on me last week! Make sure dad tells Bro. Sweeny in our ward haha we talked a lot about ticks. Pray that I won't get lime disease :P
COOK OUT! We had a ward barbeque and it was a terrific turn out! The ward did a superb job at bringing their nonmember/less active friends. We had about 7 investigators there and they all enjoyed it. There was even a giant bounce house slide! haha I may or may not have gone down more than once. Brianna even went down with me! We played horse shoes (which made me think of being back home playing with dad, uncle Brian, and Uncle Gary) and we played a super fun game called Corn Hole haha Elder Stout and i had a blast at the Cook Out and it was a great way to show people that members of our church are normal people too! The things the other churches say about us is ridiculous! haha They are nuts!
Our investigator Brianna is more than someone we just teach. She is pretty much our best friend here in Kentucky. We have been meeting with her everyday and she is preparing on being baptized on September 28th! She is very excited as are we :) If anyone has the will power to do anything in this life, it's definitely Brianna!
Last Monday I went on an exchange with Elder Erickson from Hazzard. We stayed here in Martin. He taught me that patience while teaching is very important. He isn't afraid of silence haha silence during a lesson makes me uncomfortable at times but it's great so the people can think and the spirit can work within them. I'm just a messenger of truth, the Holy Ghost is the teacher. He's a great missionary! He loves computers so when i was in Ashland i found two ties- 1. computers floating in space 2. a computer with a mouse that comes out of the tie hahaha He was speechless XD
Experience I was able to share while teaching the law of chastity-
Ether 12:27 - my weaknesses have been changed into strengths within the last year and a half. Like a typical teenage boy I had a bit of lust in my heart. It's hard to confess but it's true. Most guys do during "the change" between a boy and a young man. I hated it because at times it controlled my thoughts, brought darkness to my heart, and simply affected my happiness and well being. Throughout the years I've had help and have really turned to my Savior Jesus Christ for help. Through Him I have been able to replace lust with love. I have always had a respect for everyone, especially girls, but I never felt like my mind and heart were in a good enough position. I can now say that I am filled with love. As I pray for more charity that love grows stronger each day. Our weaknesses really can become our strengths when we rely on the Lord and have a desire to change. Good intentions aren't good enough. It took me a few years to be happy with myself. For some it takes a lot longer. What I have learned while being out here on my mission is that when we pray for help with a trial, the blessing is most often not to have the trial taken away from us, but to be able to walk with the Lord through the trial and have Him lift our burdens. If we had our trials completely taken from us than we wouldn't be able to learn and grow from them. That's the whole purpose we are here on Earth! To become like our Savior Jesus Christ and to prepare to meet God. It's important that we have patience with ourselves. Our conversion is a life long event. Jesus Christ has patience with us as we make mistakes throughout life, but He always is there to help us along the way. He is there to help us change, over time, our weaknesses into strengths.
Elder Stout's prayer- We always say at least 15-20 min long prayers at night because we pray specifically for all of our investigators, family, friends, and more. Elder Stout began the prayer and my bladder started to rumble! I knew that it would be 20 min until I could relieve myself. I was in a serious predicament. I decided that I would switch on ninja mode and try to sneak out of the room, go to the bathroom, and sneak back in before he ended the prayer. I started my quest to the bathroom. One step, two steps, three steps! I was almost out of the room and to the bathroom and SQUUEEEK! The ground ratted me out and Elder Stout turned around and saw me standing there on my tip toes facing the opposite direction.... I busted out laughing and ran to the bathroom hahaha I returned with shame to our bedroom and in return of trying to sneak out, I got the silent treatment for a while XD I chuckled in my bed for 30 min before knocking out. Haha I talked about it with Heavenly Father as I said my own personal prayer and I'm sure he was grinning with me for a few seconds! ;)
Another funny story: We went to teach one of our investigators and we always hear the funniest things from him! He's a crazy old man! He called my porcupine because of my hair. For some reason he felt like confessing to us that he hasn't showered once in the month of September! He shot up his arm and said "here, smell my armpit!" hahaha That was the first time Elder Stout and I have committed someone to taking a shower. In his prayer he said "I promise to take a shower tonight. And to use soap this time. Amen" hahaha Gosh I love missionary work. Helping people become clean, spiritually and physically, is the best!
I love my companion. He has taught me so much. I know how to focus and teach someone with love, personality, and excitement. I hope I get to stay here in Martin but odds are looking like I'll be transferred. As long as I get to be at Brianna's baptism I'll be happy.
Praise the Lord! Love you all,
Elder Mackelprang
I laughed so hard when he talked about Elder Stout's prayer because (warning: about to embarrass my brother ;D) when Levi was younger he use to always wait till the last minute to go to the bathroom and he would have to go so bad that he would sit down and sway right and left really fast doing this wiggle type thing. It was always so funny to watch him do this. At least he learned to just go to the bathroom now instead of doing his "pee dance". HaHa
Elder Mackelprang reads this blog so he probably wants to kill me by now ;D
Speaking of Elder Mackelprang reading this...
If you ever want to say something small to him or just want to say hi or leave your email you can always LEAVE A COMMENT at the bottom of this post and he will see it ;D He actually would love to hear comments about his emails and experiences.
Before I end with pictures I wanted to share with you all a letter Abigail received from Elder Stout. By reading Elder Mackelprang's letters we can already how spiritual he is and how much he has grown but when it comes from someone else's perspective it really confirms how awesome my brother really is.
I just wanted to brag about Elder Mackelprang a little bit. And I will tell you a few things that he wont since his is humble and doesn't boast of himself! So when I first met him at transfers a lot of elders, including the mission president, told me I had the best out of the group and he has lived up to that! Since day one he has been so focused on really helping others come closer to Christ and he does it so well! He is a complete stud and literally every person we talk to loves him! He has blessed so many people already! He is going to be the best missionary in the mission I promise! He has such a love for the work, others, and this gospel that not a lot of people have. He has a strong testimony and a strong relationship with his Father in Heaven. The mission president has also claimed him as the most spiritual missionary in the mission! It is so true! But most importantly he has so much love for his family! I hope you and his family know how great he is and how much he loves you all! Have a great week!
-Elder Bradley Stout  
I am so glad Levi is blessed to have such a cool and awesome companion!

"Walking the railroad tracks to some random hollow named gas fork..."
 "We were chased by a horde of chickens!! They literally chased us hahaha it was freaky!"


Rained really hard and a hollow we were on flooded.

Allen Central Football game. Went to support some less actives.


 we got haircuts and I mixed elder stouts hair with mine.
Ate at Pig on a Poke with our homie Chris Plummer and his momma.

Reading the Book of Mormon with little Abigail haha She's the happiest little girl I've ever met!
In the car- not enough room so Elder Erickson and I were in the trunk haha it was comfier than it looks :P
Silly boys!
Had a ward cook out and there was a bounce house. Paintsville elders came down for it with their investigators.
 AUSTIN NELSON: Congrats Austin! That's so exciting! when does he report? So proud of my little son, he's finally growing up :') hahaha

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