Monday, September 9, 2013

Peanut Butter Guy

Yay for Missionary Monday!
I have an awesome email for y'all today!
Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. I learn so much from Elder Mackelprang and I love hearing about his experiences. I also LOVE pictures! ;)
Well hello there!
I have had quite the eventful week. Here are my experiences haha I'll save the most spiritual one for last...
A few weeks ago as Elder Stout and I were coming back to our trailer late at night we ran into this guy and started talking to him. Found out that he didn't have much food so I gave him my EXTRA CRUNCHY PEANUT BUTTER. It was quite the sacrifice for me haha jk. We call him Peanut Butter Guy because we don't know his name.. but he went home without saying much. So this week we decided to go visit him and invite him to learn about the gospel. We knocked on his trailer.. "Whooooo Is it??" We told him it was the missionaries and about 2 min later he came to the door. Now someone can walk across an entire trailer in 10 seconds... so it was already weird. He opens the door and is surprised that it is us "the missionaries" at the door. Instantly he reaches down to his ankles and rips of two bands he had around them. He starts swaying around and can barely hold himself up by the door to talk to us. I then noticed that he had cotton swabs where his veins were and he was cutting off the circulation in his ankles to find a vein in his foot. He was shooting up drugs right before we knocked. PB guy yelled "hey babe, come meet these fellas". A female comes around the corner, stumbling around, and just stands at the door. We introduced ourselves and she just slumped over and almost fell on her face! We asked if she was alright and she said that she just had a heart attack. PB guy (who is tumbling around himself) grabbed her and tried taking her to the couch.. they got a few feet and he just set her down on the floor and she literally looked lifeless. Then he came back and said "oh don't worry about her, she's just tired.." These were the most high people I have ever seen in my life!! We quickly tried to say bye and leave but he started telling us a story about how he is in the CORNBREAD MAFIA and how he last month beat a man to death with a cell phone... Then as he walked away the guy he beat wasn't dead and shot him with a shotgun.. and he literally has the scar and grafted skin to prove it! Inside we could see three needles. It was the craziest thing I've experienced so far.
We ran into a less active member who went inactive when he was 13 and now he is 27 I believe. We have been visiting him and his wife who isn't a member. They have a little girl (2) named Abigail and we always play around with her and her dog Freddie. They came to church yesterday for the first time and they seemed to really enjoy it! I'm so happy when an investigator or less active comes to church!
Elder Stout and I have an investigator who has been through every possible thing you could imagine. I won't talk about those things to keep her privacy but I am amazed every time we meet with her. She has changed so much and I'm so happy she is doing better! here is the spiritual experience with her. Her parents were fighting, her bro in law was flight for life'd out that night from a car accident, her kid was going crazy, and just everything was going wrong. I called her and read alma 36:3 to her which talks about how if we trust in the Lord, He will support us in our trials and lift us up. Then I read Heleman 5:12 to her. The beginning of that scripture talks about Christ being our rock and foundation. Then I read on and imagine chaos going on while i start reading this part: "that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty cstorm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo." Her parents were screaming and fighting, her kid was crying, and everything was going crazy. I could barely hear her. I started screaming into the phone as I read that to her. The scripture came alive! Satan was trying to get in the way. He was throwing his hail and mighty storm at her! At the end of the scripture it all of a sudden got quiet and calm as I read "because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall." I have a testimony that the scriptures are alive and true! Christ really does live! Breanna was able to get through everything and make it to church because she has been building that foundation in Christ. I love this gospel. Have trust in the Lord that he will take care of us. If we have righteous desires, He will provide a way for us to achieve them. I'm so excited and happy to see her living the gospel and working towards her baptismal date. I hope everyone reads the scriptures this week and really try to apply the scriptures to themselves. Praise the Lord! :)

What an amazing experience! The story about Breanna not Peanut Butter Guy haha! So glad Elder Mackelprang and Elder Stout were safe!
Here are some pictures he sent me as well!

Elder Stout
Elder Mackelprang so missed playing tennis!

"Elder Stout on a bench in Archer Park being a goober haha"
"The coolest spider I've ever seen."
Found it at a members house.
Elder Johnston and I in the car. 
Random door with no stairway: I had to climb up there to see if the door le to Narnia! It didn't ;( but there were some cool water heaters in there...

"We moved out a senior couple and all of there stuff."
White Shirt: Elder Staveley
Grey Shirt: Elder Spencer

Some homes in Ashland. It is the biggest city in our mission.
Coal Factory smoke
Random fancy gas station towards Ashland.
(This does not look like a gas station at all! I wonder what the price for gas is there!?)
Elvis was in Taco Bell.

Investigator Julia gave him this tie. He said, "She is nuts!(wink wink)
Why don't we have these in Vegas?
Picture below is Elder Mackelprang sleeping.
This makes me miss him so much because it reminds me of when I'd find him like this ALL THE TIME! The kid complained about not being able to sleep at night but yet we find him sleeping EVERYWHERE! haha

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