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Sorry everyone for the late post! There is another post after this one so make sure to check that out too! Elder Mackelprang had transfers last week and it looks like he is staying in Martin, Kentucky! One day he will actually make it to West Virginia ;) JK
He loves Martin and is so excited to stay there longer. He will definitely miss his companion Elder Stout. Here is his email from last week and lots of pictures. We LOVE pictures!
Hello Family and Friends!
It's been a crazy two weeks. Christopher Plummer (now Elder Plummer) is in the MTC! I love his family! He's been going out with us a lot and it's such a great fella! He is going to do amazing things in the Salt Lake East mission. So transfers is tomorrow..... and I'm staying in Martin! Elder Stout is being transferred to Bridge Port, West Virginia! I'm going to miss serving with him! We've had a lot of fun and success here in Martin.
Crazy news.. I've been called to train. Tomorrow I'll meet my new boy that I'm training and we will go to work! haha I'm pretty nervous to train but I'm excited too! Today is my last day of being trained by Elder Stout and I'm going to be a trainer right away. It will definitely be a learning experience for my new missionary and for me haha Pray for us!
Brianna's baptism was yesterday! She simply is glowing now! Elder Stout and I sang a song haha "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" (Vocal Point version). In the mission papers you fill out before you get called to serve, there is a portion where you write down a few of your "life accomplishments".. well I didn't write anything because really I've never had any. But now, I have the greatest accomplishment I could ever have, which is being an instrument in the hands of the Lord in bringing someone unto Christ. It was such an honor and privilege to baptize Brianna. She means so much to me. I've really grown a true love for her and a real friendship with her! How great is my joy in bringing one soul unto God? Oh it is so great! On Sunday I'm going to confirm her and she will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Her baptism will be complete and she will be 100% pure :)
The white rings we are wearing: It's part of our White Christmas goal as a mission which is to have a baptism for every missionary before Christmas. The ring stands as a reminder of our baptismal covenant. It is a reminder of how we need to be pure and clean at all times! As vessels of the Lord, if we aren't clean, than the holy Ghost will not be our constant companion.
Each missionary has two rings, one for themselves and the other for the person they baptize. I better be getting some more rings because my new companion and I are going to be doing work here in Martin! There really is no greater joy than this!
So I bought a skateboard haha and don't worry, I looked through the rule book 4 times and it doesn't say I can't skate! I have taken it on short 5 minute cruises up and down streets on P-Day. I love it!!!
After watching General Conference I really missed mom and dad. You two have taught me so much growing up. Just as Nephi was brought up in the knowledge of his parents, so have I and I appreciate all that the both of you have done and sacrificed to help me get to where I am. The more love I gain for Heavenly Father, the more love I gain for you two. I've grown a real respect for motherhood and women in general. So thank you mom for being good to me and loving me. Thanks dad for being a butthead hahaha jk. Love you both.
I don't know if Elder Stout's mom got my letter or not but let her know how grateful I am for the nice coat she sent me! I was getting a little worried because It's already cold here, but she came to the rescue! Last time I checked it was 43 degrees outside... and when you add in the wet humid air, it's super cold! haha I am going to freeze out here! One way that people can tell if it's going to be a bad winter is by looking at the fuzzy caterpillars. The way they tell is by the color of their hairs.. If they are brown than it's going to be a mild winter since they will be blending in with the brown leaves. If they have black spots on them, that means it's going to be colder since the leaves will die sooner... I've already seen a few completely black ones.. oh boy.
I stand as a witness that Jesus is the Christ. He is the savior of all our souls. Heavenly and Christ know each and every one of us. They are all knowing in how to take care of us. If we trust in God and go on through our trials, He will bless us more than we can imagine. The Lord's work of salvation is moving forward FAST! He is sending His gospel around the world faster than any other time in history! My savior lives and because He loves me He has given me a way back to our Father in Heaven. Thy way is straight and narrow- repentance, baptism, and enduring to the end (obeying God's commandments). Repentance and baptism throught the priesthood are commandments that qualify us to live with God again. There is only one path. Like in Lehi's dream, there are many paths which lead us away from the love of God. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ we are obligated to help others find that ONE straight and narrow path. It's our responsibility to stay strong on the path as well! In 1 Nephi 8 we see that those who merely clinged to the Iron Rod (word of God) fell away, but those who CONTINUALLY HELD FAST to the word of God stayed righteous and continued to partake of God's love. I pray that we are all able to continually hold fast the the scriptures because if we don't, we will fall into forbidden paths. I know that this is true. Feast upon the words of Christ!

Happy Fall Ya'll!


Sweet bridge in Paintsville. We went to the "Apple Days" festival.


My new wheels! (skateboard)

Skating with little Abigail.

The elevation level in our home! 666...We were freaking out! lol

Elder Moffett
Elder Staveley is leaving!

Pictures with Chris Plummer the night before he left to the MTC!
Chris Plummer

Brianna Curry's baptism pictures!



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