Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Companion!

Elder Mackelprang has a new companion! Sounds like he is a pretty good guy!
I am sure he will train this missionary well and I hope that they will continue to be successful with preaching our wonderful gospel!
Enjoy his letter and pictures!
Sorry for the late posts again...I will be better!
Elder Cowley... Moooooo!
I've been called to train Elder Cowley from Delta, Colorado! He is such a great missionary who is ready to go straight to work. We are being exactly obedient and diligent every day. We are in the process of teaching a couple people but mostly trying to find new investigators. We are going to see miracles here in Martin. As long as we do our part, the Lord is going to trust us and lead us to those who are ready to receive the gospel. Know that Elder Cowley and I are working our hardest! There will not be a moment where we will slack off. God's children are out there and He expects us to seek out the righteous. The Lord calls us to feed His sheep. We will do exactly that. With Humility, charity, and hard work, we will bring others unto Christ.
The responsibility I now have to train is very humbling. I have literally no time to think of myself which is a blessing. I am focused 24/7 on 1. Bringing our investigators closer to Christ and 2.Training Elder Cowley to be a stellar missionary who will be confident in the Lord and His work.
Doubt creeps into missionaries when they don't have signs that confirm their faith. But we are full of faith and will be hopeful/diligent at all times. True faith does not require signs along the way. We know that we will fulfill our callings and have success, now it's just a matter of fact if we exercise faith constantly or simply go through the motions. We will make things happen by following the spirit and relying on the Lord.
I love you all! I'm praying for you constantly that you will be worthy of divine protection and that you all will endure to the end :) Have a fantastic week!

Elder Larson, my buddy from the MTC.

KFC bucket. I died laughing! Flippin

The Jenny Wiley Festival

My new UK loofah

Happy Fall Y'all!

 Baptists make the goofiest signs! :D

Heiners truck is for Brother Keith Parsons! His company owns other bread companies and heiners is his rival haha

My MTC crew! So great to see them all.
Left to right: Larson, Trujillo, Me, Quick, and Espinosa

Posterity Line
Right to Left:
Elder Egen trained Elder Stout, Stout trained me, and now I am training Elder Giant Cowley! HAHA

Last picture with Elder Stout at transfers. I'm going to miss him a lot!

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