Monday, October 21, 2013

Squirrel for dinner!!??

Hey Y'all! Have I told you how much I love Mondays!? Well just in case you didn't know...
haha ;)
Here is another email from our Elder! He is doing so great and loving every minute of it. He does miss home and he especially misses his nieces and nephews but I try to send him pictures and stories as often as I can and he loves them!
Mmmm Squirrel! Sometimes I have to remind myself I'm in the United States because this Martin Kentucky is completely different then Las Vegas. Never would I ever even think that I'd be eating squirrel for dinner! It tasted pretty good! I might have to learn some recipes and have squirrel back home ;P
Training is going well! Elder Cowley and I are finding new investigators. Now we are actually getting some lessons in. Having faith in finding God's elect is important because if we don't exercize our faith while trying to find, then we will never have investigators who are sincere and progress.
We went to Huntington, WV twice for stake conference and both times it was very inspirational. The weather is getting really chilly and my body isn't adjusting very well. haha Dale McKinney always calls me a panzy because I'm not use to the moist cold weather. The McKinney's/Parson's are going to Vegas on Thursday!!!! I love them! It woud be really awesome if ya'll could meet up with them! They have done a lot for me and for every missionary that comes to Martin.
The work is moving along quicker than before now that we have a larger teaching pool. A lot of fasting, praying and sacrifice is going into our efforts to bring others unto Christ. The veil is getting thinner every day and angels are proclaiming the gospel just as we are!
Missionary work WORKS when members and missionaries work together. We have heard so many talks about the responsibility that members have to be a part of the work of salvation. Every member a missionary! I hope that ya'll back home are excited and enthusiastic about starting to do the work of salvation because it is an amazing thing to be a part of!
Well, gotta go. Headed out to do some grocery shopping. haha Elder Cowley and i don't know how to cook so we aren't too creative right now :P We work well with Peanut Butter though! I'll try and make some Musubi this week. Thanks for the letters! I love hearing from you guys. It really is so exciting when a letter is in the mail :) have a fantastic week!

This is Elder Erickson!  hahaha I gave him two ties with computers on them and he was speachless!!! I miss him. He's serving in WV now I believe. He's a great missionary :)

And that is it for this week :D
Please email or write our Elder!
He would love to hear from you!
You wouldn't think just a simple letter in the mail during the week would mean the world to a missionary... but IT DOES!!!


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