Monday, November 4, 2013

4 Months! :o

Most people say the first six months go by SO slow. I can't believe how fast it is going by! Before I know it my little "big" brother will be home running around playing with my kids and messing with me! I miss that kid a lot! Enjoy this weeks email and all the wonderful pictures!
(I don't have much time since we are headed to Huntington to play basketball)Yesterday was my 4 month mark... That means I've been out for 1/6th of my mission!!! I don't like that! This is going by way too fast! I definitely have a new sense of urgency in this work! Yes, I will continue to spread the gospel my whole life, but these two years are special and set apart for only that! It's really a blessing that I can have so much time every day to study the gospel and help others understand it. When I get home I will be busy and I won't have as much time to study. Eh It's weird thinking about when I go home.

Because of the rain and storms here the beautiful leaves are all falling off. haha this place is starting to look super gloomy! It will soon be skeleton trees allover these hills. We are working hard every day and slowly progressing our investigators. It will all happen in the Lord's time and we are being patient while diligently working everyday. I make sure to recommit myself to my purpose and my obedience every day because it can be easy to lose focus and not try so hard.

Elder Cowley is doing wonderful! He is a missionary who came out pre-trained. Because of the inspired set up of the 12 week training program that we do, Preach My Gospel, and great leaders that we have in this mission, Elder Cowley is without a missionary who will create success in whatever areas he goes too.  

I hope you all enjoy the pictures! I loved the videos I received of little "Papa Mahu" hahaha I call Elder Cowley that sometimes but he has no idea what it means XD Love you all and I pray for you constantly!

President Pitt’s Missionary Truth:  “Let your light shine.  Stand on the rain clouds, not under them.”

Keep The Faith :)

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  1. Elder, great pics and posts...enjoy them alot. Keep it up and keep up the work of the Lord. We could use you here;-) Your pics remind me so much of where I was born.