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Two posts this week. The first one is from this week and the last one is from last week. Sorry I have been slacking! November has been CRAZY for me and December is even crazier! So please bare with me! I will try my hardest to update them on time!
Elder Mackelprang is doing so well! It is snowing there! My brother has visited snow for a weekend but definitely has not LIVED in it before! Pray for him! haha
Enjoy the letters! :D
When I think my responsibility is more than my ability, the Lord adds more to it! I'm humbled to know how much Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, and President Pitt trust me to have so many responsibilities. I'm training Elder Cowley and now I am the new District Leader. I will be a servant leader for the areas of Hazard (2 elders, 1 senior couple), and Prestonsburg. I'm excited to help us all have more success in our areas. I know I'll learn a lot from my district because they all have been out for almost twice as long as me. So their wisdom and experience will definitely give me insights that will help Elder Cowley and I. It's stressful but there is comfort in knowing that my shortcomings and mistakes are covered by the atonement of Jesus Christ. I'm trying to sanctify myself more than ever right now so I can be an affective instrument in this marvelous work. I want to help others be happy. That is my purpose, to bring them unto Christ.
Elder Sitati of the 70 came to our mission. His accent was AWESOME! He's from Kenya and he is a convert. He taught us about our purpose and something that hit me hard is how he added a small part to it: "To [come unto Christ] Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end." If we as sons/daughters of God, as members of Zion, are to help others come unto Christ, how important is it for us to first follow Christ ourselves? This is why sanctification is important, so that we can help others.
Primary Program! The Martin Ward had it's primary program and I loved every part of it! The little ninos are hilarious. What gets me every time though is when they sing their primary songs. I looked around at the parents and you can see in their faces how proud and happy they were to have their kids up there. Those weren't my snot-nosed kids but I sure did love it!
This week has been crazy! From hospital visits for members to stepping in Ohio! The missionary life is not the stand still boring life. It's always moving forward. It's proof that the work is hastening!
I went to Ashland Kentucky on an exchange to serve with Elder Fielding (Zone Leader) for the day. Their area is on the Kentucky/Ohio state line so I got to serve in Ohio! Oh! I'm staying in Martin by the way haha I'll be here for 6 months! That's 1/4 of my mission! I love this place. Had deer stew and I've seen plenty of deer hanging from trees. Hunting is life here. I don't think I could shoot one though, they look too innocent. But I sure can eat it! haha I love deer meat!
Transfers are tomorrow and Elder Spencer is leaving. It sucks getting close to other missionaries just to have transfers roll in. I know he will do great in Charleston though. Elder Moffett is going to Lexington which sucks too... butt... We are getting Elder Erickson back! haha I love him! He's the computer tie elder in the pics I sent a few weeks ago. Might as well combine our last names because I am "Eric's son". I should go by Elder Erickson Mackelprang. Okay maybe I shouldn't.. Speaking of Eric.. I'm happy dad got a job! hahaha See, the Lord blessed him with my speeding ticket so that he would get a job! ;P We did service at the senior center in Martin and it was hilarious. We helped bring in food boxes from a delivery from a food pantry. We carried boxes of food to the elderly's cars. They are so funny or super grumpy so we had a blast XD Hung out with Brenda Camp who is a sweet lady we helped come back to church. She hits me all the time haha she's lucky I'm a missionary! 
I'm sorry to hear about what happened at the temple. Desirae shared with me to watch the Mormon Message "Mens Hearts Shall Fail Them". "Don't demand yourself of things which are unreasonable. Demand of yourself improvement" Love you all. Time to grocery (frozen pizza) shop... haha stay classy

"He who plants kindness, gathers love" -Elder Spencer's Grandma
Last weeks email...
I don't have anytime for a long post but I'll leave you all with three statements about my week!
1. Elder Sitati is an amazing African servant of the Lord!
2. Snow is cold.
3. I blame dad for my speeding ticket! haha

Love you all, have a great week!

YES IT'S TRUE... Elder Mackelprang got a speeding ticket! Crazy kid...
Have a great and safe Thanksgiving week!

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