Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kids say the darndest things!

Sorry for the late post! (again...)
It's been a CRAZY busy week!
I hope you all had an awesome Halloween!
I can't wait to hear about Elder Mackelprang's first Halloween experience as a missionary. 
Enjoy this weeks letter!
The majority of this week has been in our trailer.. I got a cold again. Kentucky is just trying to kill me! haha I went to the doctor and got it all taken care of. Feeling great now! Because we were in the trailer we had a lot of time to study which was a blessing. Saturday we got out and worked because I'm no longer sick. Had a very spiritual lesson and talked to a lot of great people. The Prestonsburg elders had a baptism for Morgan and I loved it so much! She's my age and has been investigating the church. She just got married to her husband and now she's a member! When I read about the Bailey family that we use to visit with dad when we were little for home teaching I instantly related it to Morgan and her new life. I'm so happy for them and that's awesome that they asked dad to confirm her! Often time we need to leave things in the Lord's hands to do them (doesn't mean stop working :P). Something that I heard which was very profound is "Step back, and see the hand of God working in their family". Step back and look at our family. We are receiving more blessings than ever! His hand has always been in our life. I've never been happier! Saturday was also Trunk or Treat! It was a great turn out and many nonmembers were there :) We all had a spooky time.
Sweet Sunday! This has been my favorite Sunday during my mission! We had our investigator come to church. Fast and prayer works. We fasted and prayed for him that he would learn from the spirit what he needed to learn. He loved church and is now telling us what to teach him next! haha people progress in the gospel when they realize it brings them closer to God and Christ. They begin to love it and start to committ more to their Savior by doing what they know is His way. During the 3rd hour we were invited by Sister Shannon McKinney to join primary for sharing time. It felt like I was at disneyland! The kids asked us questions and we had a blast. We got to teach tem through our answers. One 7 year old kid asked the BEST QUESTION I'VE EVER BEEN ASKED! I almost pee'd from laughing: "Have you ever fed a goat the Book of Mormon and he understood it?" hahaha only in Kentucky XD They sang Called To Serve for us. I love children because they are so innocent and loving. It made me happy and think of Brody, Maddi, Sadie, Dean and Carter! Miss those kids. Oh and Kaylee too. She's still a child ;) In the scriptures I believe in Moroni 8 it talks about how Children are alive in Christ. That is why they are so special! That is why they don't need to be baptized until they are accountable. In 3 Nephi 11 I think it tells us when Christ calls down all the children in America when He visits after His ressurrection. Jesus blesses each and every one of them individually. Don't you think children are important to Christ? If Christ loves them so much, try to imagine how much Heavenly Father loves all of us personally! We are all His children. In 1 Nephi 11 an angel appears to Nephi and pretty much asks him what he knows about God. Nephi simply replies: I know that He loves His children, but I don't know all things. Do you know that Heavenly Father loves you? Think about what that means. It means that no matter what goes on. No matter how much we DON'T know. No matter how much tribulation and opposition there is, we do know at least one thing: that God loves His children. This means that no matter the tragedy or circumstance, we can make it through and even be happy while enduring to the end. God loves us, I know of it. If you don't know that as much as you would want, simply ask Him if He does. That's what I did 3 years ago and in result I went back to church and now I'm serving a mission. As long as you know that God loves you, you will be grateful for life and you will be happy.
Elder Cowley is doing a wonderful job adjusting to missionary life. I've already learned a lot from him! He's smart, loving, funny, and fearless! This week is going to be great since we'll be going out everyday and trying our best. Companionships are so important in a mission. Well, in life in general! We support and care for eachother. The Lord sends us out 2 by 2 just as he always has done. Our testimonies and personalities compliment each other! By revelation I've been matched up with Elder Cowley.
Not sure what we are doing for Halloween but we will tell ya next week! Stay spooky my friends! O.o 
Love one another and pray for charity!
Until next week :) 
Kelly and Elder Macpherson

Gatlin (Batman) and I protecting Martin from evil

Trunk or Treat   :) 

Candy from Abigail 

Awesome pumpkin!

My body...because I know y'all miss it!

elder Cowley jumping pic- He believes he can fly!

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