Sunday, December 8, 2013


I hope you enjoy hearing about Elder Mackelprang's very first Thanksgiving as a missionary. 

Miracles do happen.
I've been pretty stressed out with this pricey speeding ticket since I got it. Been praying and fasting for God to somehow fix my mistake for dad. Well the blessing came when i read that dad got a job! but it gets even better.... I got the ticket cleared! I've got connections haha wooo!! I know that through all of my shortcomings and mistakes, the Lord still has my back:)
Thanksgiving.. Turkey, not squirrel haha Yumm! We played in the famous McKinney/Parsons Turkey Bowl. After being talked down and verbally bullied, we proved our athletic righteousness! haha it was a blast. Score was 12-4 ;) I love that family so much! The people in our ward take care of us. No we don't get fed too often but lately it's been raining food! Ate at the Bentley's that night as well which was a blast! We had a taco bar at the Shannon's the day after because they went Black Friday shopping... I can't believe you all shopped from 9:30 pm to 5:30 am!! Why would you ever do that?!?! I remember goingshopping once with mom and kaylee during black friday and i went back to the car after an hour and slept :P Yesterday Sister Elliot invited us over and we had a 4th "thanksgiving" meal haha I have a real love for all of these people. It's going to be hard leaving when I get transferred.
Why would all of you want to make me cry... should i be thankful for that? haha During the baptism Bro/Sis Shannon gave me their ipad out of no where.. I looked down and started reading the sweet messages you all wrote. I felt the spirit of thanksgiving stronger at that moment than ever in my life. Why am I such a baby? haha I hate crying! I guess I love my family though :P Thank you for that surprise. Elder Cowley loved your message to him as well! Thank you for including him. It was great :D
Small Thanksgiving List:
My family- all the love and support I get from all of you. I wouldn't be the sond of God that I am today if I didn't have all of you.
Heavenly Father and his son Jesus- beyond grateful for the guidance and for the relationship I have while sanctifying myself and helping others make/keep sacred covenants.
Abigail Allen- I just like her for her sugar hahaha jk mom... she's been the best friend I could ask for. She always expects me to be better and the 2 letters a week I receive from her help me stay diligent.
The area of Martin Kentucky- I look back at all that I've learned during these fast 5 months and I'm amazed at the Lord's wisdom. This is where He needs me and it is where I need to be. I've learned stuff here that I will take with me for the rest of my life. This place has helped me realize my true potential and the potential for the Mackelprang family :)
Something Elder Cowley and I learned this week is that we can create our own happiness. We are in control of our destiny. Other's decisions may hurt sometimes, but it can't hurt our happiness. We are trying our best and constantly trying to help the faith of people and help them repent. That is how we come unto Christ. Every child of God has their agency. I must respect that and simply do my best. We are teaching some amazing people and the power of the Atonement is perfect. They are growing in the gospel and understanding why it's important to repent and be baptized. Now as we teach them they just need to make their own steps of faith. I love being a guide along this process. I get to see the conversion of a person who is caught up in the ways of the world into a child of Christ.
The Lord is my shephard and I will follow Him.
Getting closer and closer to talking with ya'll on Christmas :) I'm so excited!!! :D
My favorite scriptures right now:
D&C:82:14- "Zion must increase"
2 Nephi 33:15- "I must Obey"
John 3:30- "He must increase but I must decrease"
Family- Think about the importance of family history work! I'll be sending a letter about it soon and I want al lof you to start doing it! Mom's side needs to be done. Our ancestors are waiting! Have a great week and boast of God! He is a perfect Father :)

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