Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas and Transfers!

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It was so great being able to Skype our Elder! He is crazy! The very first thing he did when we skyped him was show us his "room". It was a members room and it had pictures of her and a bunch of One Direction pictures. It was totally Levi haha. The thing I loved most about skyping him was seeing how much he changed spiritually. Don't get me wrong...he is still the same crazy Levi we all know but his overall countenance has changed...for the better! He looks and sounds so happy! I know for a fact it's because he is closer to the Lord because he lives and breathes this gospel every day. The great thing is, is that we don't have to be a missionary to feel the same joy and happiness Elder Mackelprang feels. We just need to strive to be more like Christ, improve our relationship with our Heavenly Father and apply the gospel in our lives. What a great example Elder Mackelprang is. We are blessed to have such an AWESOME missionary!
Enjoy these emails and pictures!
Have a great week!
Oh yea. For those of you who have heard about the West Virginia chemical leak, here is a little information about it. When we first heard about the leak and saw a list of counties that were affected, we googled Elder Mackelprang's new address and saw that he was not apart of those counties that were in trouble. However, my mom remembered that he was going to be at the mission home for the weekend due to a conference. The mission home is apart of the listed counties. We later found out that they are okay and that they are just drinking out of water bottles. They are not allowed to drink the water, cook with it or bathe in it. Meaning...lots of stinky elders! haha jk
When Elder Mackelprang emails me this week I will let you all know more details. :D
December 23, 2013
Herro Kinfolk and friends!
What an eventful week! To start it off we traveled up to Huntington, WV on Tuesday for specialized training. President Pitt and Sister Pitt taught us about covenants and wow my understanding is so much deeper of everything! I wish I could share all of my knowledge with ya'll but it gets so deep! Study covenants in the scriptures and dissect scriptures. It's amazing how your understanding of a simple concept and go so much deeper. At specialized training we talked a lot about Christmas. Every missionary (about 40 of us- Ashland and Huntington Zone) stood up and read their favorite scripture about Christ. My favorite scripture is 3 Nephi 17:20-22. A lot of scriptures were repeated since many had the same favorites, but mine wasn't... Until President Pitt got up to share his. He has the same favorite scripture as me! I was so shocked that someone of so much understanding and awesomeness had the same favorite scripture as me. I asked him in my email today why it's his favorite and I told him why it's my favorite. I love it because it shows the sincere emotion and love that Christ has towards others (specifically children). Christ cries twice out of pure compassion and love. He calls the children down and blesses them one by one. Christ tells us to come unto him and partake of his blessings. We come unto him by repenting and receiving the blessings of his gospel. The promise of Christ's birth is that we may be saved if we do all that we can. Read Mosiah Chapter 5. We are children of Christ if we repent and come unto him! How great is that! We obtain Christ's promised blessings by living the gospel. I've really been thinking about Mosiah 5:2 how the people had "no disposition to do evil, but to do good continually". I've really been trying to be spiritually reborn and sanctified through Christ. Because I've been taking my covenants more seriously and cleansing myself in all aspects I am becoming like these people in the scriptures. Of course temptation will always be there but I have no desire to act upon it. I don't want to do evil. Yes, I make mistakes all the time, but through Christ I'm getting better and better at being happy and doing what's right. Ask yourself why you need to come unto Christ and once you figure that out, ask yourself how you can come unto Christ. Study the scriptures on that. Simply look under the index/topical guide "come" and you can learn so much more. What must you sacrifice in order to become like the Savior?
Went on an exchange with hazard and had a blast! I served with Elder Clay for a day. Did you know you could hypnotize a chicken???? hahaha well we did!!! You can hold a chicken down on its side and the other person draws a line in front of the chickens face. As you keep drawing a line in the dirt in the chicken starts to calm down. Eventually you can let go of the chicken as you keep drawing the line. after a couple of minutes we stopped and the chicken just layed their staring at the ground! It was hilarious! We went to a mexican restaurant and I taught our waiter about the gospel briefly in spanish! I loved it haha since I thought I was going to serve in Mexico I studied a bit in spanish. It was awesome to put that to use. Feliz navidad ;)
Christmas Party: My family is the best!!! I loved the surprise video so much! it was great being able to hear ya'lls voices and to see you. Your video was 10X goofier than all the others haha It was funny. I busted out in tears when Brody said "I love you Vi" and then I busted out in laughter when he fell while dancing! He is talking so well now! I miss our dance parties with him and Kaylee! At the Ward Party we performed our own rendition of "The Grinch". Elder Cowley was the Grinch and it was so much fun! Hope you can see it soon! I love the Martin Ward so much! I think I'll be getting transferred after this week though. So don't send anything from here on out! It'll be a Christmas Miracle if I get to stay another transfer!!
On Sunday we sang a lot of Christmas songs and the talent of some of the performances were amazing! Dulcemers are awesome! haha those strange instruments I'm holding in the pics. I am starting to love the music down here. It's really different and unique! The people have crazy talent. It's way harder to play a banjo than a guitar. I have so much respect for these Hill people.
Something that I heard somewhere and has stuck with me is that wise men and women still seek out Christ today. There are people out there who are looking for the truth and they are finding it! Every member should be seeking Christ every day! I've been doing this and the blessings come more than you can imagine! I encourage all of you to seek out your Savior! Come to know him better. Follow him more closely. His gospel is perfect :) When I think of the birth of Christ I think of Light. Angels surrounded with light proclaiming the good news, the new star, and christmas lights. I think of how it didn't get dark that night (3 Nephi 1). Christ is the light of the world and when we come unto him our light increases! If you want to be brighter love and follow him! and then let your light shine! :) He brings us out of darkness. I truly adore my savior Jesus Christ and I pray that you all let him in.
I love you all and I'm excited to skype! :) 2 days till I can see my familia! haha hope you like your gifts ;D
Asta Luego!
-Elder Mackelprang

 I loved this text message! I need to ask him if he person ever responded.

January 6, 2014
Wow it's been a while! So much to say.
First, Christmas was wonderful! I'm grateful for all the many gifts! haha especially the scarves.. I'll explain later on. Skyping ya'll was amazing! Never in my life have I ever been so excited and nervous to talk you my family and Abigail. It was such a sweet gift! Transfers happened last Thursday and now I'm in Clarksburg, West Virginia. I will extremely miss the people in martin! I love them all so much! Also Elder Cowley will be missed. It was a blast training him and being able to help so many people. I learned a lot about myself while being able to help him. He's super goofy and fun which made everything sweet! Now I'm serving with Elder Tullis. He came out at the same time as Elder Cowley and is awesome! We are in a walking/bike area and it's cold! The other day it was 5 degrees! and tomorrow it's expected to be -20!!! Yaaaay I get to freeze my butt off as we walk haha it's fun though. I love this area already. We live in a 3 story house with a basement! First day I got here our story was a disaster and super messy. The other missionary didn't clean anything up. So we spent a lot of time cleaning and now it feels better. The zone leaders stay downstairs. It's a party having 4 of us in one house! Elder Skidmore ran up the stairs and tossed a stink bomb on our floor so I chased him down, tackled him and put him in a headlock! I was ticked haha but miraculously the stink bomb didn't stink at all! and now Elder Skidmore are super close and we have a lot of fun. Wrrestling works out contention and brings you closer :P Well my time is up here at the library. I no longer have unlimited min but that's okay I'm off to lunch and than shopping for some warmer clothes! Love you all! Praise The Lord!

 174 Washington Ave
Clarksburg, WV 26301