Monday, February 3, 2014

The North Pole Mission!

January 20th's email:

Things are rolling here in Clarksburg!
We are meeting so many wonderful people who are ready to come closer to Christ. Faith leads to repentance and baptism completes that process. Well, it all happens in order: Find, Teach, Baptize. We had to start with step one which is go out and find people in every way possible. Now that we have found people who are open to the gospel we are teaching them. The spirit testifies to those who are truely seeking God's light and then they make the choice to be baptized for the remission of their sins.
Trials are everywhere: We had a leak in the ceiling of our house and it was right above my bed -_- haha all of my white clothes had rusty water stains but luckily after two bleach cycles it all came out! Butt! A miracle came out of it because we started teaching the repair man! He's awesome! It's so cold haha I am covered in snow all of the time! and it's always windy! I love this work and I know it literally saves people. Endure to the end because I want to be eternally happy with all of you! Being out here has doubled my love for everyone, including myself. Heavenly Father loves each of His children. Reach out to at least one person this week and help them feel and know that love.
Off to have a nerf war and play card games with Elders:Tullis (comp), Skidmore, Prince, Fullmer, Trujillo and Sisters: Higgins and Searl. Adios!
Elder Mackelprang

Last Weeks:

When people we meet find out I'm from Vegas they instantly want to tell me every story they have of their trip to sin city... One lady told me ALL ABOUT the cross dressing shows she went to.... uhhhh thanks hahaha It's funny because little do they know that I'm calling them to repentance in about 5 min XD jk.. well not kidding but it's all good.
A man literally froze to death 2 weeks ago when it was in the negatives. Snow storm Janice has been crazy! I think we've accumulated about 7 in of snow over the past 2 weeks. I'm so warm! -_- you lucky vegas turds!
The work has been great! Our investigators are progressing and they are starting to see the blessings of the gospel. It's really hard though because 2 weeks in a row church was cancelled so they couldn't go. They will make it eventually though. Heavenly Father has been watching over us in this wild weather. He keeps us going when we are walking 4 miles a day when it's 5 degrees out. Often times I lose feeling in my toes haha so hopefully they don't fall off!
We duck taped tennis rackets to my shoes to try and make snow shoes hahaha it didn't work out very well. We went afterwards out around to shovel peoples driveways and sidewalks. On the way to different streets we had fun on the hills and sledded around on the shovels.
The mission is teaching me a ton. I know so much deep doctrine haha I love it all! I'm learning especially how to get along with my companions no matter what and how I want my future life to be. I'm also learning how to wear 4 layers of clothes.... Off to tread in the snow again! Love you all! enjoy the pics ;)
The Clarksburg Popsicle,
Elder Mac N Cheese






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