Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 17,2014

This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover again and my testimony has grown twice the size. I have never felt so close to the truth and it feels amazing! To know that my savior of us all exists and still lives today is the most valuable information anyone can have. I have read and prayed to know Jesus Christ and through diligent seeking I have found him all over again. The scriptures bear witness of his life and sacrifice for us. Without Jesus Christ, there isn't a purpose to anything. We wouldn't have anything to look forward to. I know with all my heart that Christ overcame death, and because he did, so will ALL of us! The word "gospel" means good news. How great is the gospel of Jesus Christ to you? Do you know of its truth? and if so, are you applying it to your life and exercising faith on Christ? I testify that these things are true. That today is a time for us to prepare to meet God. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that we are preparing for his second coming. God loves us and evidence of that love is the Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon. If you honestly are looking to know God, Read and Pray! Show Him that you are willing to put in some effort and He will bless you beyond belief! There will always be opposition to all things. The work of salvation has already been hastened. Now its time to work! We must be a part of God's plan of salvation. Our brothers and sisters out there need what we have! These times require deeper faith and effort. We must pray for opportunities to bless the lives of others! My love and passion to serve others is exploding! I have never felt so much sorrow, and have never felt so much joy. This is the Church of Jesus Christ! This week, invite someone you love to simply learn more. They will see and feel the light.

Bingo! We went to the senior center and played bingo with all of the geezers! haha I loved it. Except one round i got bingo (but i wasn't supposed to call it out since i wasn't playing for money) but I got excited and shouted bingo! All of the oldies started clearing their boards and no one got their money back that round! haha they were so mad!! It was hilarious! Thought I was going to have a few canes in my ribs and skull! Possibly some denchers in my ankle... but luckily i got out in one piece! Going Tuesday to call numbers haha I'll bring some Vegas excitement to these seniors!

Happy St. Patricks Day! Don't look for luck. Create success in your life! Love you all. Praise The Lord!

-Elder Mackelprang!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

catching up...sorry!

February 17, 2014
In case anyone was worried about me... MOM.... I'm still alive! haha last week we couldn't email because another snow storm came through. We got about a foot of snow last week! We made an igloo on our P-Day! Couldn't email last week because the roads were too dangerous.

Elder Tullis and I are working hard. We are trying everyday to help others repent but it's been a little difficult. Nonetheless, miracles are still happening. We met a few people last week who are very promising! Patience and diligence are required out here. As long as I am trying my hardest and being obedient, all I can do is trust in God and go on. I believe with all my heart that there is at least one child of God here in C-Burg that I can be an instrument in helping receive the ordinances of salvation.
Transfers was last week and I got a call from President Pitt. I've been called to be the district Leader here. Crazy thing is that it's the largest district anyone has ever heard of. haha when I was DL in Kentucky my district was 4 areas total. Here it is 6! Clarksburg Bike, Clarksburg Zone Leaders, Pennsboro elders, New Martinsville elders, New Martinsville Senior Couple, and the Bridgeport Sisters. there are 11 other missionaries I get to serve and help! It's a lot of work and it will take up most of my free time but I'm super excited to be their servant leader. Luckily all of my weaknesses are covered by Heavenly Father's and Christ's perfection. Zone Conference is this Wednesday so President Pitt is coming up. I'm doing a musical number.... he and sister pitt are going to want to go straight back to Charleston XP
Remember who loves you! The Lord and I! Have a great week!
-Elder L-Mack Paddywack
FEBRUARY 24, 2014
Today I woke up at 6:15, dropped down on my knees, and said to myself: "self, today I get to be a missionary all day!" and then I remembered that it was P-Day and I got really happy haha barely anytime to relax but it's needed! Last week was perfect! We found 4 new investigators and guess what.. Almost all of the snow is melted!!! :D WOOO! But I guess another storm is supposed to be coming through... I'll take this mid 30-45 degree weather though. haha Never would I have ever thought that 35 degrees was warm. Since the snow has melted and it's not as cold we are taking the bikes out! Yes I knew there were hills everywhere, we walk them all the time... but on bike is a complete different story! At the end of the day I'm all jello! My thighs are rock solid midday and then they start failing me haha I love it. We get around a lot quicker now :)
This week I'm going to New Martinsville on an exchange with the elders there and then wednesday I'm having my first district meeting for this transfer. It should be fun! I'll let you know how it went next week. President Pitt has been keeping us all accountable for what we have been called to do out here. I am trying my best to prepare my heart and mind every morning to do the will of Heavenly Father. He is perfect and knows what is best! I'm happier than ever when I see others receive more light and truth! Even greater when I hear about ya'lls conversion.
Kaylee: Do you know how awesome you are?! I'm so happy for you! Your experience with receiving your patriarchal blessing sounds amazing! I know how much your Heavenly Father and Earthly parents love you. The biggest conversion I've seen since I've been out on my mission is yours. Keep that hunger you have for the gospel. As you study and apply what Christ has taught us you will continue to receive more light and truth. The fog in life gets thinner and your path gets clearer. You, along with our entire family, will be  instruments in the God's hands to bless the rest of His children. I love seeing how the gospel has blessed all of us. Being out here has helped me understand how important love and obedience is and how it will keep us and my own future family in the path of discipleship. Stay humble and teachable so the Lord can mold you into an even greater child of God! Always remember Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Every Sunday we take the sacrament and in the prayer it reminds us what we have covenanted TO DO AND BE. Be awesome and pure.

From President Pitt: "This really is your time to learn to know, love and develop a deep relationship with our Heavenly Father and His Son.  When we love them, have faith in them, have confidence, see their blessings, we will naturally love them and feel overwhelming gratitude.  Then we don’t have to worry about obedience or someone keeping a foot outside the mission.  You will align your will with His and do this work without thought of reward.  You will remember Him and be His missionary."
I'm trying my best to follow President Pitts counsel and I can see how the promised blessings really do come. I don't have to worry about obedience because I naturally want to be better and happier now. This is our time to be better. This is our time to grow closer to God. Use it wisely and the blessings will be beyond your comprehension. Have a great week! Share what you know with a friend or family member!

P.S. I'm eating squirrel again haha YUMM

Elder Mackelprang
MARCH 4, 2014
Had my District Meeting on Friday.
Unity is a concept that involves almost everything. Sports, dancing, families, and the work of salvation! How are we to carry out a backslide play in volleyball or tango with your companion? The same goes with the work of salvation. We must be in unity in order to succeed. Chopsticks come in packs of two as do missionaries. If one is shorter than the other they don't work effectively. If you aren't in unity with your companion you can't help people come unto Christ. As a team or companions you help eachother reach your goals and win. To win in life we must successfully listen and love eachother. I hard boiled some eggs and they represented the people we have been sent to teach and bring to the truth. Each missionary had a chopstick and together they had to carry their egg to conversion. But the ones that weren't being obedient and working well with eachother were attacked by satan. I had my comp wear my wolf hat and he knocked their eggs down! haha It was fun. When we are in tune with eachother and with the spirit we can do the will of our Father in Heaven which is help others come unto Christ. Are you being a good chopstick for your companion? are you allowing the Lord to pick up your chopstick and use you to bless others, including your companion? I love you all and I pray that you are being a part of hastening the work of salvation. Go do your hometeaching, visiting teaching, and magnify your callings! The Lord needs us to bless and help others. I know my Father lives and that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. Because of them we can have eternal happiness. Lets help others reach that with us!
Go serve the Lord! :)
Elder Mackelprang
Watch the new mormon message and share it with everyone you know!