Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 17,2014

This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover again and my testimony has grown twice the size. I have never felt so close to the truth and it feels amazing! To know that my savior of us all exists and still lives today is the most valuable information anyone can have. I have read and prayed to know Jesus Christ and through diligent seeking I have found him all over again. The scriptures bear witness of his life and sacrifice for us. Without Jesus Christ, there isn't a purpose to anything. We wouldn't have anything to look forward to. I know with all my heart that Christ overcame death, and because he did, so will ALL of us! The word "gospel" means good news. How great is the gospel of Jesus Christ to you? Do you know of its truth? and if so, are you applying it to your life and exercising faith on Christ? I testify that these things are true. That today is a time for us to prepare to meet God. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that we are preparing for his second coming. God loves us and evidence of that love is the Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon. If you honestly are looking to know God, Read and Pray! Show Him that you are willing to put in some effort and He will bless you beyond belief! There will always be opposition to all things. The work of salvation has already been hastened. Now its time to work! We must be a part of God's plan of salvation. Our brothers and sisters out there need what we have! These times require deeper faith and effort. We must pray for opportunities to bless the lives of others! My love and passion to serve others is exploding! I have never felt so much sorrow, and have never felt so much joy. This is the Church of Jesus Christ! This week, invite someone you love to simply learn more. They will see and feel the light.

Bingo! We went to the senior center and played bingo with all of the geezers! haha I loved it. Except one round i got bingo (but i wasn't supposed to call it out since i wasn't playing for money) but I got excited and shouted bingo! All of the oldies started clearing their boards and no one got their money back that round! haha they were so mad!! It was hilarious! Thought I was going to have a few canes in my ribs and skull! Possibly some denchers in my ankle... but luckily i got out in one piece! Going Tuesday to call numbers haha I'll bring some Vegas excitement to these seniors!

Happy St. Patricks Day! Don't look for luck. Create success in your life! Love you all. Praise The Lord!

-Elder Mackelprang!


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