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APRIL 28th - MAY 19th 2014

APRIL 28, 2014
What a fantastic week full of miracles! Since I've been here in Clarksburg we've been able to help bring 3 people back into activity in the church and on Sunday we had 5 nonmembers at church! Through everyday trials we focus on the blessings and carry on. I've been through some interesting things with other churches. I'll be talking to you all on Mothers Day about one particular experience haha it was crazy! I still review my setting apart and patriarchal blessings and part of it says to learn about other churches so I have trying to do so. It helps so much when we can understand where someone is coming from and why they think or believe a certain way.
Sorry I don't have a lot of time again. Busy talking to President Pitt and getting things done but know that I love you all. I'm trying my best to magnify my calling and I'm seeing a huge difference in myself and in the work. Stay safe and keep serving God!
Trials seem to stretch and pull us in several different directions. Because of that we gain more room to improve and grow. I'm grateful for all of our struggles. Heavenly Father is taking care of us and I know that if we go through trials with faith we will reach new heights. The blessings of heaven are available to all who simply follow Christ.
Hurrah For Israel!
Elder Mackelprang 

They didn't have anything to work out with that day so they used the couch haha!

my district, minus the new martinsville elders, doing adopt a highway.

Why did the goose cross the road?

Bro adkins and I

MAY 6,2014
 Got the call. I'm headed to Charleston, WV tomorrow to be a Zone Leader! I'm so excited to serve there, yet I am already dreading leaving Clarksburg. I've grown close to so many people and have seen so much improvement in myself as well. With goodbyes comes more hello's.
Something that President Pitt told me has really helped me understand my inadequacy whenever I receive a greater calling. He told me: "You are not called to be anything because of who you are, but because of who you can become." Isn't that so true? The Lord knows what will stretch and pull us in order to create more room for growth. If I magnify my calling I will become exactly what the Lord has planned for me to become. I accept this call as I have all the others, with excitement and commitment. I have a testimony of our potential as children of God. They path is laid before us and if we follow it, only then are we tapping into unlimited and eternal progression. The gospel of Jesus Christ is simple enough for a child to understand how to make it back to our Father in Heaven and how to inherit all that He has. President Uchtdorf's Mormon Message on  "Our potential, Our privilege" is one of my favorites because it really opens your eyes on how much more we can grow and receive if we do our best. I've loved serving each missionary in my district here in Clarksburg. I'm going to miss them all, especially Elder Fehlberg since he is going home after this next transfer. He was my first Zone Leader! haha love you all! have a great week.

More than excited to talk to yall on Mothers Day! See you soon! :)
Elder Mackelprang

 MAY 12, 2014

Mothers Day was a success. It was more than I could ask for being able to see all of you, but especially you mom! I miss you a lot :) It's great that we didn't skype for 2 1/2 hours this time haha I'm keeping every rule to the exactness, well at least trying to! I am convinced that I have the best family on the Earth! I wish I could share more but time does not permit. I love you guys!
So transfers are now over and the work continues. I am now in Charleston WV serving with Elder Livingston. He is from Kanab Utah! Instantly a flood of memories overpowered any previous thought that I had. Went back to my baptism on 4th of July in the Johnson Ranch pond. What a glorious day! Than to the many times we strolled through Ghost Town and climbed each mountain looking for the dinosaur tracks. From Zeke being Flight For Life'd out of the little Kanab Hospital to skim boarding in the creeks being pulled by the fourwheeler. It gets better, Elder Livingston was in the same ward as Van and Jamie! They really didn't know eachother but he knows of them.
Now that I'm a zone leader, my personal/free time as gotten even smaller (literally to almost nothing. I understand why the men in the bishopric always fall asleep during church because now I'm the one trying to stay awake during a lesson late at night or in a church meeting. I understand a little more what it must take to give all that you are to the Lord. I ponder on how much the prophet and the apostles give for our journey into eternal life. These men are undoubtedly called of God! They seek nothing in return, only to do the will of our Father in Heaven. In this life there are two gifts given to us that are greater than anything else we could ever receive. Those gifts are 1. Motherhood and 2. The priesthood. Without these two things we wouldn't be able to make it back to Heaven. They are sacred and to be dealt with care. I've grown to have sincere respect for these two gifts because without them I am nothing.
Day by day we venture out seeking for God's elect children who are willing to change for the better. Who are willing to make and keep covenants. They are here in Charleston, we just have to find them! I love my calling and my duty and I'm striving to magnify all of it! This is life eternal, to know the true and living God. The harder I work the closer I get to my maker. I hope that all of you can catch the vision our Father in Heaven has for us. Our potential is greater than we can see. We are worth more than what we think. And yes, we are worth far more than a tree. Serve God and you will come to a greater knowledge of this reality.
Take care everyone! Have a stellar week! :)
Elder Mackelprang

Goodbye pic with Elder Shelton (grinch onesie) worse ting I've ever seen! 

had a blow out on the way to charleston from clarksburg for transfers. Got to change the tire.

Elder Livingston skyping his fam!

MAY 19, 2014
What a miraculous week!
This week I have a strong testimony of Christ leading this church. Elder Livingston and I have been fasting and praying to know how to help our zone improve their commitment to the Lord. We know that there is a law in Heaven where every blessing must go through first before we receive it. Within that law is the condition of whether or not we are being obedient. If we are obedient than blessings come. It is promised. With this knowledge we knew that if we helped the zone become more obedient and diligent than we would all see much more success. We were inspired to create a list of expectations for our District Leaders to do every week. Within this list contains things such as: consistent contact with their areas, getting to know who the missionaries are working with, and keeping them all accountable to the Lord. Because they have all accepted and applied our zone last week qualified for the Lord's hand and blew up with blessings. President Pitt has the keys from Christ to lead us and now that our zone is improving on doing what he says, we are seeing miracles. Two weeks ago our zone only found 22 New Investigators. This week we found 34! More people are being put on date for baptism and we are getting more involvement with the members. The Work of Salvation is hastening and Christ needs us to do all that we can to bring this gospel to our Father's children!
There are ups and downs in life but as we keep Christ as our closest friend and continue to strengthen our relationship with God, growth always continues. That's Heavenly Father's plan for us, to learn and to grow. I encourage and plead with you to step out of your comfort zone. First pray with faith to have the desire and courage to share the gospel, and then do it! The only way that we can obtain our own growth and salvation is if we help God's other children do the same.
Charleston, West Virginia is a wonderful place and I'm grateful to be serving here among all of these missionaries, members, and nonmembers. We have been having some crazy lightning storms and tornado warnings haha but I'll be okay mom.
Love you all! Have a RIGHTEOUS week!
Elder Mackelprang


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