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May 26, 2014- June 9, 2014

MAY 26, 2014
This week has been extraordinary! Elder Livingston and I have been fasting and praying for a nice young family to teach. Well last week we found them! As we taught the Restoration of the priesthood they lit up with light. We didn't have much time but we touched on how in result of the Priesthood being restored through the prophet Joseph Smith, It renews the possibility to have eternal families. Another miracle this week is that we came across a man whose wife just passed away a month ago. As we began testifying about the restoration his daughter came out and wanted to meet us. We taught them for 30 min on their porch about God's plan for our families and how that has all been restored through the restoration. My testimony of the Restoration is unshakable. I know that God called Joseph Smith to be a prophet. That is how He has worked from the beginning of time to reveal His secrets to us. We are excited to continue working with these wonderful children of God :)
This week I was honored to give my first baptismal interview to a lady in one of our districts. President Pitt has the keys to all of the convert baptisms in our mission boundaries. By assignment I have been given some of the keys to the kingdom of God. I am an instrument in the Lord's hands to interview someone and figure out if they qualify and are worthy to enter the gate of baptism. This is someone's salvation! The interview went great! The spirit was present the entire time and as we went through and discussed her experience and her testimony along with the interview questions. She has faith and has acted upon her faith by repenting. She was baptized on Saturday :) The organization of Priesthood Keys and of all aspects of Christ's church is perfect! Jesus Christ is our savior. We wouldn't have our way back to God without him. Repentance and baptism are required to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. As members we must repent daily and strive to be worthy of that. We must invite others to at least learn more about this only path to eternal happiness. For nonmembers- simply have faith in Christ and learn more about what we believe. I promise you that this is the one and only way back to our Father and that you can find out through the power of the Holy Ghost. It only takes faith to read, experiment, and ask God:) I love you all and I hope you are happy. I sure am! Have a great Memorial Day and week! Praise The Lord!
Elder Mackelprang

JUNE 2, 2014
Memorial Day we went to a BBQ with a bunch of the young families here in our ward. We played tennis and volleyball right next to the Kanawha River. Everything is already green and gorgeous here! I'll have to take a few pics for you to see but it doesn't do justice for how amazing it looks. I love West Virginia! This week we had a couple amazing meetings. I am loving this calling because I get to understand how the higher authorities and auxiliary leaders work. Every month we meet with the Stake Presidency and correlate with them.  First we went to MLC (mission leader council) where all of the zone leaders and sister trainer leaders meet once a month. We talked about mission business and what we can do to improve and motivate our mission. Then President Pitt had his teaching portion. This was his last MLC with us. He will be going home on June 27th. It was a powerful meeting and the spirit brought everyone to tears as he bore testimony and shared his love for us. At the end we surprised him and sister Pitt with a song. We sang the As sisters in Zion/ Army of Helaman mix. As I sang the words "We have been born, as Nephi of old, to goodly parents who love the Lord" I broke down in tears of gratitude. Mom and Dad, I've been born of great parents who love me and the Lord. Thank you for leading me to where I am today. I then realized that President Pitt and Sister Pitt are like my second parents. They have helped me become "born again". They have helped me understand more clearly who I am as a Son of God and a representative of Jesus Christ. I am overcoming and growing so much because of their righteous example and leadership. They will be missed. Nevertheless, I am excited for President and Sister Salisbury to arrive. The second that plane lands and they set foot in West Virginia there will be a transfer of Priesthood Keys. President Pitt will no longer have the authority and keys over this mission, President Salisbury will. He will have the spirit of revelation for every individual missionary here in the West Virginia, Charleston Mission. I am ready to sustain and follow him. As a zone leader during this transition it is important that we help all of the missionaries understand this as well. We need everyone on board ready to be obedient and diligent to whatever changes or twists the new mission president will bring. This is the way the Lord has established his kingdom, through priesthood keys and authority.
We had our first Zone Meeting and it went great! Had some fun activities and role plays. I'll write about it when I have time! This week President Pitt has asked Elder LIvingston and I to teach in Specialized Training which is where we will meet with the Parkersburg Zone and teach all 44ish missionaries with him. I'm excited to work with him as much as we can!
The work is moving forward and we are working hard! I love everything about my mission. This is where I need to be and I wouldn't change anything. I'm growing in light and truth and that is what brings true happiness.
Mom: I wrote in my journal yesterday! only a couple pages for May but this month will be better. Thanks for rebuking me ;) haha I'll write more often! I am busy but no excuses I can make time somehow! Have a great week!
Elder Mackelprang

JUNE 9, 2014
This will be quick and not as in detail as I wish, but time does not permit an extensive email this week!
I have been blown away at how much President Pitt loves us and the Lord. I want to become just like him in the sense of doing everything out of pure love for God. This week I conducted another baptismal interview. It was for Crystal Neals son, Jerome! I was able to interview her and now her son! It's amazing to see a family come into the gospel and covenant with the God. Interviewing a child was fun. I did pushups with him during the interview to teach a couple things haha it was fun. The picture in the church is with Crystal and Jerome.

Sorry to hear about the tragedies in Las Vegas! I will be praying for all of your safety and well being. I do everyday. Pray for the families that were affected. I know this gospel is true and that the world will continually get worse. These are the last days and many will see that and soon convert to follow God. But also many will go against the truth and work works of wickedness and evil. It's important more than ever that we never lower our standards or waver in what we know to be true, that God's commandments lead to lasting love and happiness. I love you all and I know that the Lord is watching over all of you. Stay strong and continue to grow spiritually!

Elder Mackelprang

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