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July 7th-August 4th

JULY 7, 2014
Happy Late 4th of July!!!!
I bet mom and dad have forgotten, but that was the day I was baptized in the pond out at Johnson Ranch near Kanab, Utah! We had a zone meeting on the 4th of July and as I was pondering and planning for it with my companion I was thinking of all the blessings and freedoms that I have in my life. Freedoms span from speaking to buying a twinkie over an apple. But the most important freedom we have is the choice between eternal life and happiness or captivity and death. Think about that for a second. Who wants to be in bondage and to spiritually die??? No one! We can look at all of the choices we have to make each day and many of the things we do or even just think lead us to one of these to options. I feel safe to say that every person on Earth wants happiness and satisfaction. If that is the case than why do so many people choose to sin every day? Why do we sin everyday? To know and follow God is to be happy. Where people falter and choose captivity and death is at their perspective of happiness and how to obtain that. Things of this world tug and pull at us trying to teach us that happiness can be quickly found in a pill, or a can, or in how much money you have. When someone realizes that these things can't bring lasting happiness and satisfaction, they begin to search for the true source of joy, God. I love this thought because it is changing my life. I am looking at choices in my past and choices I make right now that don't bring me true happiness and then before I act, I ask myself if i'm choosing happiness or death. I want happiness! And my Father in Heaven wants me to be happy. When we go through this process in our minds before we make a decision, it is incredibly easier to choose the right because your heart and mind is set on the true source of happiness.
I share my witness of Jesus Christ of how he is our source of Happiness. He allows us to overcome sorrow, regret, pain, and disappointment. He is my best friend. I love you all and I pray that you may always seek freedom through Jesus Christ! He is our advocate and our friend :) Have a great week everyone! Praise The Lord!

Elder Mackelprang

JULY 14, 2014

JULY 21, 2014
This week has been amazing! First off, thank you mom and dad for sending me a Pohnpeian Dictionary! It is an insanely difficult language haha but things are working out. Another miracle this week: We were surprised to meet the men of the house as we went to teach Sis. Soram and her family. Their names are Derrick and Jason. Ha not exactly the names I would've guessed for them. So now we have met every person in their home, and they are all from Micronesia. We taught the two men about prophets and the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are so ready for the gospel! :) As we connected with them and began teaching, we asked Derrick what he wanted most in life. His response in broken english was, "To live with God again". Elder Livingston and I were overwhelmed with the spirit and personally I was humbled. With all of the distractions in the world we can lose focus of what we truly want most out of life. This humble man knows what he wants. We taught the restoration and they both understood it's importance and invited us to come back next week. Right now they both work on Sundays and can not get off. We are praying that something will happen in order for them to make it to church. We have decided to have the sister missionaries teach Sis. Soram and her 11 yr old daughter Millie. We will still teach the entire family on the two days Derrick and Jason have off :) We are tag teaming with the sisters to teach the Micronesians so that they can have what each family member needs in order to receive this restored gospel. It's kind of weird, but we think it will work out best this way :)
We have interviews this week with President Salisbury! He is an amazing man. We have been working closely with him on a couple subjects and it has been amazing learning from him.

Have fun at EFY Kaylee and Cheyenne! Like I said before, focus on the spirit and not the boys! haha ;P If we allow the spirit to teach and edify us, it will change our life. Go with a question in mind, and listen for revelation. Remember that when we have faith, God has promised- Ask and ye shall Receive.

Have a Possum week! :D Signing out with another wrong name I was called.... People just can't get it out here.... I don't even know how they got this one haha
Love ya!
Elder Frankilprang

JULY 29, 2014

Elder Livingston and I are staying together for another transfer here in Charleston! It's pretty crazy that after these next 6 weeks he only has 2 transfers left! We are going to give it our all!
Transfer Doctrine: 4 Missionaries going home on Thursday, 3 Brand New Missionaries (2 of the trainers are training for the first time), 3 New District Leaders, and more.... haha Lots of changes within our zone but it's exciting! We will have so much Greenie fire!!!
For P-Day we went fishing right after studies. Not a single bite! But I did lure in some ducks with my hot fries and tried to catch them haha I was incredibly close! I was able to touch one but I couldn't grab it :P
Last week we had interviews with our Mission President. I loved it! Talked about a question I had about the gospel and then got to know eachother a little more. Sorry I haven't written any letters for a month. I have been very busy and the only time I have to write is on P-Day. But no excuses..... I'll send a letter to Maw an' Paw today:)  

I love the Lord with all my heart! I'm trying to lose my whole self in the work and I am truly happy right now. I hope you all are putting forth some effort to serve our Heavenly Father! 

This week, I want you all to ponder about what matters most to you. Don't just settle for the primary answers and what they say in church. Dig deep and figure out what you looking for and wanting in life. Through this you will find your true identity as a child of God. Then ponder what being a child of God means to you? I promise that if you read the scriptures and do this prayerfully, you will feel the spirit and find the answers to those questions.

No matter what the world says and is doing, God exists. He is our Father and He loves us. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of us all. There is no other way back to our Father in Heaven than by and through the Atonement of Christ. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only church and organization that has the divine priesthood authority of God. This is why we are sent out into the world, to share this glorious message. Christ's second coming isn't too far. It is obvious by what is happening around the world. If you are lacking faith right now, seek to know Christ and your Heavenly Father. Without them, we will fall. I promise to stand strong for what I know to be true. I pray that you will as well. Stay safe and keep moving forward. 

Love you,
Elder Mackelprang

AUGUST 4, 2014
Charleston Zone-Wide: War in "Almost Heaven"
I love you guys!

This past week has been wild! Transfers brought a lot of changes in the Charleston Zone. We have 3 new District Leaders who we trained on Transfer Day and 3 brand new Elders who just escaped the MTC ;P Within the first few days we were already finding more success within the zone! Lots of drive and fire going around! As Zone Leaders, Elder Livingston and I are trying to fan the flame of each missionaries faith. So we have planned out and put together something that will do just that!

-The Charleston Zone-Wide: War in "Almost Heaven"-
We are waging war on the adversary here in West Virginia (also known as- "Almost Heaven")! To keep all of the missionaries working hard and pressing forward we created a competition that will have each companionship trying to be their best to win! This includes challenges throughout the next 5 weeks based on things that if we all apply, will bring more success. As we go through the transfer I'll update you all on how the challenges go and what miracles come out of them! We are excited! The prizes for the top 3 companionship's will be awesome t shirts we will design and have a Brother Foote make for us, a dinner with President and Sister Salisbury, and something else that we haven't figured out yet haha but it will be awesome! I've been to too many boring meetings that don't bring much improvement. Hoping this goes well and that our missionaries have fun doing it!
We have been teaching the Soram/Lukner family still and things are going well! Millie will be baptized this month and Derrick Soram is working towards September 9th. We love this family so much and are having a lot of fun teaching them! I taught the boys how to make a rubber band gun with their hands at church and they went crazy hahaha I had to take the rubber bands back XP I will always cherish the friendships I gain out here!

 This is the fullness of the everlasting gospel! Are you reaching your potential and accessing the power the gospel offers?? if not, find out why, and then FIX IT! This is too great to miss! Have a great week!

P.S. Shout out to Kaylee- keep sharing the gospel! You're already becoming a great missionary! :)

Love ya,
Elder Mackelprang


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