Saturday, February 21, 2015

Open Your Eyes to See the Blessings!

FEBRUARY 17, 2015

Hey Everyone!
This past week has been quite the adventure! (don't worry, mom I am safe!) With that said, here we go. We had a snow/ice storm come through our mission on Saturday. In almost blizzard like conditions, we received a call from two companionships of elders in our zone saying a good portion of their town was out of power. So we prayed and felt it would be best for them if we picked them up and brought them back to our house. Since there were four we had a member with a truck pick up two while we got the others. The funny part is that I was the one driving in snow! haha To be honest I was a little scared, but since we were worried about them we decided to go. After driving to Blacksburg (very slowly) we finally made it back and had all of us 6 elders crash in our apartment. Church was cancelled and we were stuck inside since there were a couple inches of ice on the roads. There have been many times on my mission where I have had a slight thought that the work of salvation is being slowed or halted in anyway because of opposition. I have learned to be patient and wait to see the Lord's hand in the thing that we view as an obstacle, because eventually it will become a blessing. So being stuck inside we could have been down and low on faith, but instead we only got more anxious to share the gospel. We turned even more to the Lord.
Today we got back out and began proselyting. For the most part Elder Moses and I shoveled snow out of the drive ways of the elderly people we know and hopped out of our car when we saw someone who needed help. Here is where the blessing came- we received a media referral a while ago and haven't been able to sit down to have our first lesson, but today as we drove through town we saw this man was outside shoveling snow. We quickly turned around and got our shovels out to help. We introduced ourselves and began shoveling snow for him so he could take a rest. Afterwards we were able to teach him parts of the restoration and invite him to church. He requested a return appointment and we are teaching him and his wife this Friday! The storm provided this opportunity to teach! I love this gospel. Missionary work is embedded in my entire being because of the Savior. I want to share what I know to be true with everyone! 
As you go through a trial or any type of opposition, I challenge you to prayerfully (and patiently) look for the Lord's hand. I promise that if you are worthy of the spirit and seeking it's guidance, the Lord will reveal many things to you and you will see how that opposition is for your benefit.

On a side note, I have been BEAN BOOZLED! Those trick jelly beans were disgusting! I have chosen the gross one everytime! haha I've always been unlucky when it comes to "fear factor" like eating games. Oh, and I have to send the nerf guns back home haha they aren't allowed anymore ;P

Love you guys! 
Elder Mackelprang
Stay warm :P

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